Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh yeah btw i bake too...

Haha.. yes. Besides drawing i also love to cook and bake. So the past wed i made a red velvet cake... and i cheated bc i used red velvet cake mix. But thats the best way to learn! Cuz im baking one from scratch this friday for my uncle and his new wife. The family asked me to bake a nice big cake in celebration.

So here was my practice cake:

I gotta admit.. it was purty yummy ;) Wait this this weekend for the better one!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Painting Practice

So i thought id finally start some realistic paintings/ illustrations to add to my website and portfolio. I see a lot of job posts that require some realistic styles but since i dont have current drawings i prevented myself from applying. So why not start now? My first practice is Ms. Marilyn Monroe. It came out nice. I mean of course there's more i can add but i just left it at that so i can start on another one. I copied a picture i found on the internet.. NO TRRACING tho! Just compare the two and you can tell i did it on my own :) Im gonna do a few of these kinds of paintings so i can add more to my too cartoony portfolio! Comments and critiques would be greatly appreciated!

My Painting:

Photo reference: