Friday, April 29, 2011

The start of a new obsession.....


(see below!)

My coworker Steph introduced us into the world of felting and its the coolest little thing! She suggested I order from Woolbuddy for a starter/practice kit. So i cut the wool in half so i could make 2 instead of just one and I loved every min of it! I was sleepy as heck but I couldn't put the needle down! I plan on doing more since it is kinda therapeutic after those long days working.

Eventually I'd love to make my characters and sell them on my Etsy (which is empty right now lol). And if u know me i have a love for cute things so it will be a cool way to channel any cute art style in me through felties!... Since i wanna stay away from cute in my illustrations. (personal pref)

So yeah sharing with the world how awesome felting is!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


I finally finished painting the helmet!! :D It was a long process but I'm pretty happy with how it came out! I've gotten so invested in it that I didn't want to give it back lol. In these pix the helmet has not been clear coated yet. So I gave it to the bf to take care of that. Ill take moar pix after its clear coated. I can't wait bc i know it will look way better. The paint dried matte so some of the colors didn't look as bright and vivid as when the paint was wet.

Finishing this was definitely a great satisfying and rewarding feeling. Painting takes way longer than digitally painting and I've spent most of my life as an artist doing digital or only sketches. I learned a ton since I didn't take any painting classes so experimenting with colors was interesting. :) Stay tuned for the final final helmet results and pix!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Bellydancer update

I never got to post an update on my bellydancer/ assassin concept. I haven't worked on it in a while due to being busy with life and work. But I had gotten more work on it than the last time i showed progress. There's still a ton to be done and i wanted to redo the face i had on her since i didn't like it and it wasn't what i originally imagined. But yeah here's what it looks like right now. Hopefully after finishing the helmet I can get back on this!

Pinup redo

Several blog posts back I was working on an acrylic painting for my color theory class using a limited palette. I drew a victorianish pinup girl for fun and painted it halfway but never finished it. Since I've been using Illustrator at work I've been wanting to do some personal illustrations using Illustrator, so I thought of revisiting the pinup painting! The lineart is in vector, I was planning on coloring it and making it fancy. So here's what I have so far..

It's still rough lineart. I have a few changes I wanna make to it. I feel like i wanna push something, either the pose or something. Not sure what yet but ill mess with it and see what happens!

omg helmet progress!.... and a special treat!

Here are some more progress pix ive taken with my iPhone! A lot of the streaky looking paint is more of the blocked in parts or underpaintings before i finalize the zombie/ guy. I finished the first zombie (2nd image) and was satisfied with the colors i have him etc. I might just add some more highlights on his left side but overall his face is done. I want to have all my zombies to this amount of detail. All i have left on the guy is his face, bullets, gun, hands, chain, and grenade. I have more on the helmet done which you dont see in these pix. Those will be up when i get to another good stopping point :)

I'm pretty content with where it's going and can't wait to finish it.

OH and I made oreo covered chocolate chip cookies.... @_@ which everyone should try bc its mind blowingly amazing!

And OREO... in a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ftw!!!!!!

Damn i want some more....

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Peeky Peeky!

There's a lot more done on the helmet but I havent had the chance to upload the photos off my camera... (that i cant seem to locate right now o_O) But heres a little peeky at the zombie i was painting today!

He looks a little blue in the pic, but i assure you hes more green than that!