Friday, April 08, 2011

omg helmet progress!.... and a special treat!

Here are some more progress pix ive taken with my iPhone! A lot of the streaky looking paint is more of the blocked in parts or underpaintings before i finalize the zombie/ guy. I finished the first zombie (2nd image) and was satisfied with the colors i have him etc. I might just add some more highlights on his left side but overall his face is done. I want to have all my zombies to this amount of detail. All i have left on the guy is his face, bullets, gun, hands, chain, and grenade. I have more on the helmet done which you dont see in these pix. Those will be up when i get to another good stopping point :)

I'm pretty content with where it's going and can't wait to finish it.

OH and I made oreo covered chocolate chip cookies.... @_@ which everyone should try bc its mind blowingly amazing!

And OREO... in a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE ftw!!!!!!

Damn i want some more....

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