Monday, April 20, 2009

Pin Up Girl painting

Another class assignment! So for this assignment i am to paint something (anything) only using 2 colors on the color wheel that are next to each other and their compliments. I can use white and black to mix in too. So while most people did abstract things and such. I decided to do something cool and the first thing that came to my mind was a woman from the 1800's. I dont know why but it did so i went with it! I drew out a few thumbnails and i wanted her to be in those nice big gowns holding a pretty umbrella. A guy in my class had a graffiti book and on the page he was on there was a devil pinup girl and it gave me another idea. To make the 1800's girl pinup style!

Here are some progress shots.. It's a work in progress. Ill post up updates as i finish up. Sorry the pix are crappy quality. i took them with my phone with low lighting. Better pictures to be posted soon!

The last one is a colored thumbnail so i would know what color to use where.

Check back soon for more progress!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oil Painting 2

Finally... ART!! lol. So i had to paint some lemons.. and here is the start.

I took a photo ref here:

Then i went in and blocked it in here:

and thats what i have so far but ill be posting the progress with that. :P lol.

More Cakes!!

Man this is starting to look more like a baking/ cake blog rather than an art blog.. Baking can be an art too... right? lol. Well i have been drawing and creating... I just can't show to ya because its not my property.. or i don't have the rights yet.. u know what i mean. Til then ill just post up Cakes and Photography. :D

So I have made 2 nice cakes one i did for my bf's birthday in Feb which is a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (he requested it) and blueberries on top. I have a hard time working with fruit because they give off water/ juice when i stick the cake in the fridge. And i want fresh fruits.. not glazed fruits. And blueberries are the only fruits i've worked with that don't give off the juice stuff.

Here's are a few pix!

Thennn... (no im not done yet lol) I took this class in SF called BakingArts which has a variety of different classes from chocolate molten cakes to souffles to layered cakes. And i took their topsy turvy cake class and came out walking with this!! Unfortunately i didn't take a picture of it before i drove home so i only have the pictures of what it looked like after the drive home :( The top part fell off so its even more crooked than its supposed to be :P The flowers are done in Fondant and so is pretty much everything on the outside. The inside is a Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting! YUM. My design and neatness could have been better but i was running out of time. But the next topsy turvy cake i do.. It will rock i promise :P