Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cinderelly Cinderelly...!

I'm past the due date for the new theme for the Playground blog, but I still want to finish this and post it up eventually :P

Here's what I have so far in my sketch.

I didn't want to make her the Disney Cinderella, I wanted to make her my own. Some elements will be similar just so she's recognizable as Cinderella and not some random chick transforming with fairy dust surrounding her :P

But yeah hoping to finish it soon!!! gah! So i can get started on this weeks theme which is "Bear Hug" @__@

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekly Challenge!

We do this challenge at work based off a theme. This is the first one I actually did bc ive been too busy to paint anything. But I'm going to try to paint moar!

You can check out the blog here and check out the other artists work at Playdom!

Here is my submission for the theme "Draw this cat now!"

I'm pretty pleased with it for something i did real quick :P

Whooo more painting soooon!