Monday, February 28, 2011

Motorcycle Helmet Project

I wanted to share what I've been, will be working on as an ongoing project with my bf. After painting his helmet up with sharpies we had a few people interested in me doing helmets for them. One of his buddies donated a helmet to us to paint and mess around with so I guess ill be posting the progress here! I'll be making a seperate website dedicated to this that will show these images as well so customers can see some of the process. My bf's friend Rudy really likes zombies so we came up with this concept.

Here I drew up thumbnail sketches for composition purposes. After a few ideas and fixes going back and forth with the bf....

I painted a quick sketched concept of the helmet in different views to get a better feel for what it would look like to make the drawing/ painting process easier. And a better way for my bf to visualize so he can approve etc.

Stay tuned for more progress! Ill be taking photos of the process as I go for my site but ill post them here too :P


Friday, February 25, 2011

Tat design for Fiverr

Here's another Fiver sketch. I wish I had more time to clean this up a little more for a tat. But initially its supposed to be Adam and Eve with a KAWS snake. For those of you who dont know who KAWS is, he's a graffiti artist. Check him out!

I decided I might just go in later on and make some of these sketches in illustrator.. try something cool for practice!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Moar Fiverr Commisshe's

So i had a cool opportunity to sketch for the amazing Jenny. She wanted the image to use in her blog which you should read btw because shes awesome. It's pretty inspiring. She's on a journey to travel and live life to the fullest.

And this was for someone who wanted a wolf with an Indian Headdress. I actually liked drawings this one. I don't get to draw animals much. I'm usually drawings humans so it feels good for a change. Oh and I love wolves! I got into wolves when I was doing research for my bf's helmet because they are just gorgeous. I enjoyed drawing them too. I've always loved dogs that resemble wolves, like Huskies or German Shepherds, or Alaskan Kleeklu (sp?). Love Love Love! I especially love Shiba Inu's because they look like a mix between a wolf and a fox :)

So anyhoo I liked drawing this one:

So many more drawings to go!! -__-"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life Update

Well since I've been so MIA on here I guess I'll give a quick update on what's happened in my life as of late. I was working for a startup called WishB and working on a game called Globworld. I was the main concept artist there til i hated working under my inexperienced lead who had no idea what he was doing and disliked me for being better than him. True story. Not just saying that :P Luckily I got a wonderful opportunity to work for Booyah and I took it. I've been working there since mid october as an Artist and its awesome. It feels good to work somewhere where you feel like you're learning something everyday and makes you want to work your butt off get the products done. We just finished working on Nightclub City and are getting ready to release DJ Rivals soon (which is gonna be so awesome). Oh and i learned to use Illustrator which btw i think i like better than photoshop maybe... maybe.

Not too much is up with my personal life. Still hangin' with the bf and family as usual. And as far as art goes.. most of the stuff ive been working hard on are work things. Then I discovered Fiverr where it forces me to draw for people who are willing to put in a little cash for a sketch. So even though they get a great quality sketch work a few $$ for a mere $5.. Im getting some sketching and practice in... finally. So i can finally post up stuff on this empty sad blog.

I'm also getting ready to start on a few side projects. Im working on a project with the bf and plan on doing more custom painted motorcycle helmets. He preps and sands and primes the helmet i do that art, some shop will clear coat :)

I'm trying to start up my TJ and Skweek story. Ok guys.... i really really reallly reallllly want my own booth eventually at wondercon or comic con. Im too late and short of many drawings to have one this year. But im prepping for this years Ape, and possibly next years Wondercon. Im trying to push out as many sketches and art stuff to possibly make a sketchbook book that ppl can purchase. I know i dont have much of a fanbase. But im hoping ill make a mark within a year. Exposing my art as much as i could...!

So that's all for now. Stay tuned for more art and sketches!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Moar Fiverr!

Here are some more sketches I did tonight upon request:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fiverr Madness!

It's been a while since i posted anything on here. I've been using my Tumblr more than Blogger just because its easier to upload and blurb about whatever i wanted. But since i just started an account on Fiverr i'll have my sketches to upload on hand rather than waiting til i get home and scan etc.

For those of you who have never heard of Fiverr, its a site where people offer whatever kind of services for $5. Some normal and some bizarre. So of course I joined in on it and decided to do sketches for $5. it forces me to draw :P And since its of the requests of the public i'm forced to try new things. Here are 2 i finished yesterday!

One was for a character someone created for their D&D game and the other one was for use on his personal site.

It feels pretty good to get back into drawing. What's even better is that these go to people and they have such nice things to say!

Check out my Fiverr post!