Saturday, December 20, 2008

Moto X Show!

So my bf took me to this motorcycle convention and asked me to bring my bros along. It was pretty cool. It was like a small comic con but with motorcycles lol. People were sitting on bikes and taking pictures with them and they even had some artwork on bikes thing which i found pretty interesting. It was also fun seeing my boys get excited over bikes like kids with new toys lol. It was cute. I definitely want to ride a motorcycle once in my life... maybe even want to own one. They look so awesome!

So here are some pix I took of the stunt show :P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh yeah btw i bake too...

Haha.. yes. Besides drawing i also love to cook and bake. So the past wed i made a red velvet cake... and i cheated bc i used red velvet cake mix. But thats the best way to learn! Cuz im baking one from scratch this friday for my uncle and his new wife. The family asked me to bake a nice big cake in celebration.

So here was my practice cake:

I gotta admit.. it was purty yummy ;) Wait this this weekend for the better one!