Friday, December 28, 2012

Sketchy: Megan Fox

Decided to spend 10-15 min sketching after work to loosen my hand up and sketch sa'more. So I drew the first thing I spotted on my desktop that i saved for a possible wedding hair look. Megan Fox! Yeeey

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Alas, The Wedding Day Came and Went
Whew! After a crazy whirlwind of stress and craziness the week before the wedding, I can now finally write and show and share my experiences with my wedding!
it’s been a crazy past 3-4 months trying to do a lot of my DIY projects, trying to prepare and plan, trying to move my stuff into my new apartment. It’s been so nonstop i didnt stop to take a break, that i felt exhausted afterwards lol. But thank God its over and thank God it went great. I’m happy to say i had a nice lil’ wedding that both me and my fian— i mean HUSBAND, enjoyed! 
My only regret was not organizing my time better in order to finish certain DIY projects i was hoping to finish.. like my caketopper or “bride” hanger, etc. My Polaroid Guestbook was a hit! And my centerpieces and decor design came out looking like a beautiful winter wonderland. Everyone loved everything. I’m so thankful for my fam members who helped me put it together while i had to get ready to look the part of a bride. They captured my vision beautifully, if not better. 
My Photographer already posted some preview pix, and i’ve got to say, he’s been amazing, and hes so talented. Overall it was a great memorable time spent with people I care about dearly. 
My wedding was a cultural wedding and was glad my non- Afghan friends made it and experienced it. They even got involved in the dancing to Afghan music which had me smiling ear to ear all night.
Aside from the stress, everything was magical. :)
Here's a few pix from my wedding:

The first several ones are taken by my amazing photographer Melvin Gilbert from Vey Gallery, and the others are compilations of pix from my makeup artist Tamanna Roashan and family members

I worked on a lot of DIY details, like designing what the centerpieces looked like and actually making them, making 200-400 choco covered oreo favors + boxes, my swarovski encrusted heels, my own polaroid guestbook, my cardbox, my invitation cards, my shooting stars swarovski hair piece, designing the bride and groom table and just the overall look of the wedding hall. There were things i worked on that I didn't get to finish unfortunately, like my cake topper, and other things. But even so, it was a beautiful event!

My cake topper was supposed to look like this:

Maybe ill work on it as a side project or fun thing sometime.. O_O

And i also had a sketch of what i thought my hair and hairpiece could look like alongside how it ended up looking like: (it was semi close lol) It went in better upside down instead of on my hair so we did it like the pic. (My makeup/ hair person is so talented)

Ill post up pix of my guestbook and cardbox (when i take better pix of them). I'm also waiting on pix of the centerpieces I made too :P

Gotta inject creativity into something no matter what it is, in my case since i couldnt draw too much and focus more on wedding projects, i injected as much creativity as i could so at least i could say i did something :P

2013 im planning on trying to participate more in conventions and make more art! So look for more art soon!! mwahahah