Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

I recently was looking at some art blogs of different artists when i came across this link on one of the blogs (ill have to link her and look her up) about this Sketchbook Project. I was curious so i checked out the site and OMG is it an awesome cool idea! Basically you purchase and are sent a moleskin sketchbook by ArtHouseCo-op and u fill it up based on the theme you chose and send it in before Jan. All the sketchbooks are collected and exhibitioned around the state, as shown in the picture. THEN they are archived as library books for the public to check out at the Brookly Art Library. I mean hundreds and thousands of people will get to look at your sketches!

OF COURSE i’m gonna jump on that! That is TOTALLY going to motivate me to sketch often. So I can’t wait for it to come in the mail so i can get started :D

For anyone interested heres a link to the Project (

I’ll be posting some of my sketches on Tumblr when i get ittttt!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Wait a sec.....

Am I actually updating and posting on this blog..? Holy cow! Yes i am >_<

LOL annyyhooo here are some screenshots of the work in progress i have for the bellydancer im working on.

Close up.

Ive never tried this technique before. Where u paint the tones in black and white first when go in a new layer and change the layer settings to color. and paint your colors on them. Then build up from there etc. She's not as realistic as i want her to be but I'm workin' on it. Still have a ton of detailing and rendering to do. I didnt have the image at a tilt angle before but i just changed that since the previous one looked a little boring.

So that is that!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scanny Scanny!

I forgot to post up the full scanned image since the pic i took on my old iPhone (cuz i gots the new one!!!! :D) prob looked a lil funny. So here it be!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


She's purty hot ain't she?

Work in progress shot! Still slapping on colors on her. Then doing orthographic illustrations so i can start modeling her :)

Motorcycle Helmet... and a silver Sharpie!!

I forgot to post pictures of the motorcycle helmet I did art on! My bf asked me if I could draw a fantastic illustration on his helmet with a silver sharpie and to go crazy with it.. and so I did.. heh heh heh... >:)

I was in a rush to do it bc I wanted to surprise him. So I believe I finished it within 10 hours.. all Sharpie! :D

He sparked me with the ideas since he requested a tiger on one side and a wolf on the other (what can I say he's my muse.. :B)..

He clear coated it with a special clear coat that doesn't have alcohol in it (since alcohol makes sharpie ink run).. and voila!!!

So yesterday I went and bought a helmet for the heck of it.. well for myself, just in case I'll ever need one to ride with him, and am gonna paint the heck out of it! I'm thinking maybe acrylic paint on it. I'd use airbrush if I had an airbrush machine and knew how to do it. I'll just have to wait around til my bday comes ;)

UPDATE/EDIT: For a more updated look/ photos of this helmet click here!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jedi Training.

So I had to do a test for a company that I applied to. It was a UX Illustrator position. First of all........... I'm not a user interface person or user experience person. But a recruiter pointed me to the position and thought hey why not apply. The company itself is a successful one that works on award winning iPhone apps. So eh, why not. They gave me simple instructions to the test, to re-create Minesweeper (i totally loved the game for the longest time!). To try and make the plain grey colored blocks all modern and cool looking. I took a shot at it and heres what i did!

I felt pretty proud of myself cuz I did something.. I've never done before. I took a shot at something outside the box. And u know what.. if felt fullfilling. Now i could say i know how to. I didnt look up tutorials on the template itself. I just looked at the actual Minesweeper game and created what i saw but my own brainstormed version. Then i looked up tutorials for making the buttons. :B

Unfortunately I didn't get the position, BUT i learned something new and that was worth it. I also realized how much extra time i could give myself a night to work on anything art related. I'm determined to learn MOOAARR!! hehe.

Maybe I can pretend I'm apply to... ohhhhh lets say.. a matte painting position!! Then I can make up a test for myself and do it within a day or something. OOOO IDEA RIGHT THERE! :D

(I'm always gonna have to find ways to force myself to draw!) :B

I think someone out there should give me candy for everytime I pump out an art piece! Yes, thats a great idea.... Someone.. do it.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Doomy Doomy Doom

I have kind of a hard time keepin' this blog up to date! Well it's also bc i haven't been doing much of my own personal art that I can post up! BUT I've had ideas and goals that I plan on setting by the end of summer! I've made somewhat of a summer bucketlist... but geared towards my art! I had this cool idea to broadcast myself drawing an illustration from red pencil sketch to inked. It's a great way to motivate myself to get more personal work out there! Besides, I have no choice but to draw.. since I'm looking out for a new jobby. Yes, that's right.. I think I'm ready for the next new step in my life, where I am more challenged to illustrate and model bigger and better things... instead of the kiddy stuff..

With that here's a preview of a new illustration I'm working on..! :)

Sorry the quality ain't amaaazing. I took it with my phone. Speaking of phones...... I CANT WAIT TO GET MY IPHONE 4 IN THE MAIL SOON! :D WHOO!

I also just joined Tumblr. I use it to express whatevaaa. Since I didn't wanna post up random links and youtube vids on my art blog. It's also just easier to post random stuff there.


  • Edit Pixar photos
  • Update my website with new artwork
  • Concept S’s Bellydancer Assassin character and lock in pose and final illustration for painting
  • Paint Bellydancer character
  • Orthographics for BDA character
  • 3D Model and texture BDA character
  • Update My website again!
  • Brainstorm intro/outro for upcoming vlogs on YouTube page
  • Create into/ outro for vlogs
  • Get windows/bootcamp and zbrush for laptop
  • Create my own tshirt line and skateboard line through Zazzle or Threadless
  • Get someone to make a purchasing system on my website so I can custom paint or make things for people
  • Start documenting and creating drawing vids like Nate Van Dyke’s vid
  • Paint up some Munny’s
  • Remodel TJ + texture
  • Model Skweek + texture
  • Concept and Model some monsters + texture
  • Learn to rig
  • Finish concept car I never finished
  • Brainstorm ideas for zbrush practicing
  • Moar oil painting!
  • Start a script for TJ & Skweek Web comic
  • Start a TJ & Skweek Web comic

Doom! Doom! Doom!... The End!-- Gir (Invader Zim)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oil Painting Commission.. sorta.

My bf requested an oil painting as a present for him mom. And I'm not like a crazy painter but I do remember when I did take classes I absolutely loved oil painting. Since I had to drop the class (lol) I couldn't finish up on the learning. So I had to turn to...... BOB ROSS!! Yes that's right... The one and only. I downloaded like 10 seasons of his Joy of Painting videos and watched them while working. I learned so much from him and damn does he make everything look so simple! And the fact that he was able to paint a full amazing picture in an hour was freaking fantastic. I did research on him because really, i didn't know too much about him. I just remember waiting for Barney and they would be playing his show... yes I watched Barney and only the cool kids watched Barney so shush. :P It turned out he was in the military and his job was to yell all day. And painting took him away from all the anger and the yelling and the tense environment. He's awesome. That's all I can say. :)

So I'll post up the progress pix as soon as I save them onto my computer.. but here's a snapshot from my phone of what it looks like so far..

I worked on this for a good 4 hours. I first drew out everything. Oh btw, this is going to be a painting of an Islamic Mosque; Masjid Al- Nabawi. It's a famous mosque and we muslims know it as the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) Mosque. Which u can see here:

Obviously i have ways to go before it looks anything remotely close to this reference picture :P

I wanted to give the sky a sunset cuz sunsets are awesome!

Thank you Bob Ross for teaching me to paint those happy clouds!

UPDATE: (May 25, 2010)

So i finished the painting and i had to do it fast since i was under a deadline. If i had a little more time i think id improve a few things here and there. But here are some snaps of the paintinnggg!! (They were color adjusted to capture the right colors painted since the pix i took made it look a little washed out.)

Some detail shots of the pillars..

I think i pulled 2 all nighters back to back. maybe got in 2 hours of rest in between. Oh man... i forgot how hard all nighters are without the aid of coffee or energy drinks!

I'm definitely motivated to paint more with oils. I already have another idea for my next painting.. stay tuned!