Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jedi Training.

So I had to do a test for a company that I applied to. It was a UX Illustrator position. First of all........... I'm not a user interface person or user experience person. But a recruiter pointed me to the position and thought hey why not apply. The company itself is a successful one that works on award winning iPhone apps. So eh, why not. They gave me simple instructions to the test, to re-create Minesweeper (i totally loved the game for the longest time!). To try and make the plain grey colored blocks all modern and cool looking. I took a shot at it and heres what i did!

I felt pretty proud of myself cuz I did something.. I've never done before. I took a shot at something outside the box. And u know what.. if felt fullfilling. Now i could say i know how to. I didnt look up tutorials on the template itself. I just looked at the actual Minesweeper game and created what i saw but my own brainstormed version. Then i looked up tutorials for making the buttons. :B

Unfortunately I didn't get the position, BUT i learned something new and that was worth it. I also realized how much extra time i could give myself a night to work on anything art related. I'm determined to learn MOOAARR!! hehe.

Maybe I can pretend I'm apply to... ohhhhh lets say.. a matte painting position!! Then I can make up a test for myself and do it within a day or something. OOOO IDEA RIGHT THERE! :D

(I'm always gonna have to find ways to force myself to draw!) :B

I think someone out there should give me candy for everytime I pump out an art piece! Yes, thats a great idea.... Someone.. do it.

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