Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UPDATE: Busy Times!

It seems as though i've fallen off the grid for the last 2-3 months. Truthfully I've just been busy freelancing mostly and living life as a hustler lol. JK on the last part, sorta.

Since I haven't been working a full- time job since september I've taken up freelancing for now to experience it, and give myself a break from working nonstop for the last 6 years. It feels good to take a breather for a little bit. Also the job market sucks right now so the jobhunt has been turning up empty lol. So until then I am learning the ropes of freelancing and am I learning SO much! lol. Because I've been freelancing I haven't been updating my blog with new personal paintings and such. I'm still working on the Ice Cream painting and have very little left before its done. I also have numerous other sketches I need to paint up when I can! So with that I will update what I HAVE been working on! (well those that I can show).

Some Emoticons/ Emoji:


A quick game concept idea:
Random Art Test:

Some progress on Ice Cream Lovers:

Been working on finishing this piece and I'm 98% done with the characters.. im just doing the background now O_O
Check it out!

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 5.35.54 PM

I have been blogging more/ updating on my website: but will try and not neglect this lil bloggy here!

Stay tuned for moar art!

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Forgotten Stuff but not forgotten!

Howdy all!

I've been neglecting this blog a lil lately since the launch of my website Since I have my blog attached to the site now I forgot to post schtuff here!

Well here's some stuff I've done in the past month or so to share!

First!... a revamp of my website portfolio. I've been working on a layout for a while but since im not tech savvy with all the new ways to make a website.. with this alien called wordpress and css.. i had my friend Nhathy help me out with the technical stuff. And it turned into this! 

Here is a shot of a work in progress of what i'm currently trying to work on/ finish.  I'm messing with an idea for the background and have some base colors laid out.

 I did this sketch of an idea of a style for some more Sailor Moon fanart i plan on doing..! All on a post it.

And here's a sneek peek at some thumbnail sketches from my sketchbook for the Sailor Scouts fanart i plan on doing!

 Sketch of the day's from last week that i did not post!

(Aww its a sketch of my husbandface!)

Soo that's what u missed folks! Er... what I forgot to post here! Hope you like!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Sketch of the Day

It's been some time since my last post. I've been quite the busy bee the past month with attending comic con, starting on some personal projects and trying to get them to the finish line, and redesigning my website! So getting back into that sketch mode has been slow lol. But i have to get back to it so here's my sketch of the day!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sketch of the day... annnd 100th blog post!

I had no idea this post is my 100th post, if i knew i would'a done some special drawing or something :P

But since i haven't ill just share my sketch of the day! i have to makeup for the lack of posts lately so i may post a few more  sketches today :P

I was listening to my Spotify on shuffle when a sad Album Leaf song came on and i sketched this out.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sketch of the Day

Today's sketch of the day following other sketches I did the previous week that I didn't post on mah blog!

These two i did in my moleskin sketchbook sometime last week:

See? I actually AM drawing more! :D

Monday, May 06, 2013

Sketch of the day

Lots of models on my tumblr feed today! Must be some celebrity gala thing going on..

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Back from vacation/ late honeymoon + commission art!

I'm baaaacckk and more inspired than before! My husband and I FINALLY went on our honeymoon/ vacation last week to Disneyworld Florida. It was greeaat! It was much needed for the both of us since we both haven't taken a single personal vacation since... years. No exaggeration! We stayed for a week and did everything there that we could. Went on all the rides, ate a ton of food, took a ton of pictures. Basically enjoyed it to the max and savoring every vacation moment before getting back to the work grind lol. I DID have to finish up a piece of commission work that I couldn't finish before my vacation so I did have to work a little bit. I thought I'd share it since it is a little different from what I usually do! A friend of mine had an anniversary coming up and was looking for a drawing of her and her bf kind of in the inspiration of paperman. I had a few versions drawn up but we settled on this one and this was the end result!

I have a few more sketches I did in my sketchbook for my sketch of the day, while my work computer was being fixed and ill share those later :3

I'll probably write a more thorough review of Disneyworld and my experiences later!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sketch Of the day

I havent been drawing enough of the male species lately.. so...


Friday, March 22, 2013

Muse-Box's Motown March Show: Heatwave

Muse-Box is having an art gallery show based off the theme "Motown March!" And it features various artists including some from Girls Drawing Girls. This is the first time I'm participating in a show, or a gallery, like ever! And I'm pretty excited. Unfortunately I wont be there in person to attend but if you are in the LA area be sure to give us artists participating some awesome support! Check out the show, dance, drink, have fun!

For more info about the event this Sat, March 23rd, check out this link.

I didn't want to post this up until I was finished this time. But here is what I have submitted :D

This piece was inspired by the song “Heatwave” by Martha & the Vandellas.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mermaid of Rainbows Progress

Unfortunately I didn't make it far enough to finish this painting before this past Sunday to post on the Girls Drawing Girls Blog. So I'll post up a progress. I'm going to continue working on it to finish the painting at least. It was fun to do. :D I don't paint as often as I would like.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Cleaned Up Mermaid Sketch

Cleaned it up, added some more details, prepping for color yaaay!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

10 min sketch of the day

Ok more like 20 min..

I did this sketch for GDG's theme of the week which is.. MERMAIIIDS!!!

I'm planning on finishing the sketch to a completed painting soooooon!

but thought i'd post my 10 min.. er.. 20 min sketch of the day

Monday, March 11, 2013

Some "professional" work from Playdom

What have I been doing with my life as of late? Careerwise? For the past 1.5 years I've been working for Disney Playdom in Palo Alto as an artist. It's awesome, i love it there, yada yada lol. I haven't posted any work I've done just because i got a little lazy. So I started looking through my stuff and decided to  make some "pro" sheets to show off. I've been working on the facebook game Disney's Gnometown for the past.. year and a half. It's a cute fun addicting game! If you haven't played yet check it out! We also have a mobile version as well, so check that out tooooo!

Now onward to art!

I still have more to post, which i will after I'm done arranging them on the sheet of photoshop paper. All of these were done in Illustrator! (the.. uh.. art,  that is) Excuse the fonts and template, I'm still working on that one.. -__-

More to come!

Friday, March 08, 2013

10 min sketches

Sometimes i get a block while doing some work, and I've been doing this new thing where i take 10 min to sketch something, anything, really. It's definitely been helping with getting back that spark to draw more!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Evil Gnome Customs: putting pieces together

On developing the website for Evil Gnome Customs, here's something i patched together to display each helmet. I did a test one for the sharpie helmet. Ill be doing the zombie helmet next. But I kinda like it. Clean and simple.

I'm still fussing with the logo, but i finished editing all the dslr photos and am patching up the jpgs for the gallery :D I'm getting excited about this!

Stay tuned for more updates!

EDIT: I Couldn't find whether or not I posted the zombie helmet so I shall post here!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Currently working on...

Blink and trying to progress and finish it up...

Aaannd working on learning some CSS so i can make use of my wordpress site for Evil Gnome Customs... the site for me and my husband's side gig in painting up motorcycle helmets. So I'm just designing stuff and creating graphics.. along with trying to come up with a proper logo that represents our mini company together. yaaaayy finallyyy! lol

Here's a sneek peek!

Still loads to go on it.. but its turning out kinda nice.. :D

So thaaatt's that. I'll post up more sketches i've done on the daily soon..ish.

Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Plans/ Resolutions

Yeah Yeah.... I'm.. 3 weeks late writing this post lol. But better now than never! Right?

I've been wanting to get into putting myself out there, for some time now. But bc of a lot of family obligations, etc, It's been hard to put my focus into my own development as an artist. But no longer is that an excuse anymore! I'm too late to sign up for exhibiting at any conventions at the moment, but i do want to create a load of content and kick ass art in the coming year and beyond that. I want to get into painting traditionally more, just everything I can do to develop on my own and get better. 2013 and beyond to me is all about just getting better. So what to do now? Sketch Sketch Sketch! I'll be continuing on trying to do a sketch a day. Over the year's i've messed with a lot of different styles all bc its part of the job. Versatility is something I've gotten good at, but with that I've also felt like i've lost my identity, and can't pinpoint a specific style of what my artwork is. Maybe with enough sketching I'll find that this year :P

Sooo breakdown of my plan lol

-Draw and sketch more, one a night at least
-Paint (traditionally or digitally) a completed image every 2 weeks
-Find my artist style/ identity in the process
-Work on a few big personal projects
-Put myself out there more in order to get critiques, exposure, and to purposely make it a habit to post either on my blog, fb, or instagram.

Aaand thats pretty much it lol.

Non artwise i wanna eat cleaner and healthier and workout more just to be in better shape :P

Here are some stuff I'm currently working on!

Lately I've been feeling a bit of nostalgia And decided I wanted to draw things that had great influence on my art and drawings growing up. I forgot how much i loved the character Blink from X-Men and how Joe Mad's style was a huge influence on me when i got into comic books. I decided to do some fanart of her. I'm pretty excited for this one! Can't wait to finish it and do some more of this type of stuffs!