Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"The Deep Abyss of Sadness"

I haven’t drawn from my heart in a long while. A few years actually. Since becoming a concept artist what i do artwise has become just that, concepts. When i was younger I used to draw and express how i felt and put it on paper. With time it got less and less as I went to art school to learn more commercial art. 
I should probably draw from my heart more often.. Sometimes my best stuff comes out that way.

With that said, I am also going to post (in another post) what I've been working on recently professionally. I just forget lol :P 

Ive been working on the game Gnometown on facebook. If you haven't played it yet, go do it! I've done a shitton of work for the game and get excited to share after they have been released in the game... but I forget lol. And of course, since I've been wedding planning I probably didn't have the time anyway. But SOON! Brace yourselves!