Thursday, November 12, 2009

And so it begins....

I'm so MIA on this blog and i keep saying ill post more but i dont get to it! There's been a few cool things that have been goin' on. I've been super busy at work since it is crunch time and we should be releasing Globworld in the first 2 weeks of December. It's pretty exciting and i cant wait to show people what i've been working on since feb.

In other big news, the Christmas Carol came out in theaters which is pretty exciting! You can find my name in the credits under the Motion Capture Artists!! yaaaay! (Rehana Khan) for those of u who don't know my name. I also want to congratulate those who worked on it cuz they did an amaaazziinng job on it! It's cool being able to see your name in credits along with many other people you know. It definitely feels like a good accomplishment! :D

I also recently started taking this toy modification course at 1AM and i get to mess around with Munny's!!

I always wanted to try and paint a Munny since I've seen artists do some cool things with it but i couldn't afford it at the time. In this class we were given a small-med sized Munny ($10) to work on. At first i thought it would be too small and went and bought the next bigger sized one but i think it would be better to practice on this first before painting and messing up a bigger munny :P

And so it begins...... haha

Ill post up my progress as i go.