Sunday, July 25, 2010

Motorcycle Helmet... and a silver Sharpie!!

I forgot to post pictures of the motorcycle helmet I did art on! My bf asked me if I could draw a fantastic illustration on his helmet with a silver sharpie and to go crazy with it.. and so I did.. heh heh heh... >:)

I was in a rush to do it bc I wanted to surprise him. So I believe I finished it within 10 hours.. all Sharpie! :D

He sparked me with the ideas since he requested a tiger on one side and a wolf on the other (what can I say he's my muse.. :B)..

He clear coated it with a special clear coat that doesn't have alcohol in it (since alcohol makes sharpie ink run).. and voila!!!

So yesterday I went and bought a helmet for the heck of it.. well for myself, just in case I'll ever need one to ride with him, and am gonna paint the heck out of it! I'm thinking maybe acrylic paint on it. I'd use airbrush if I had an airbrush machine and knew how to do it. I'll just have to wait around til my bday comes ;)

UPDATE/EDIT: For a more updated look/ photos of this helmet click here!

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