Monday, July 05, 2010

Doomy Doomy Doom

I have kind of a hard time keepin' this blog up to date! Well it's also bc i haven't been doing much of my own personal art that I can post up! BUT I've had ideas and goals that I plan on setting by the end of summer! I've made somewhat of a summer bucketlist... but geared towards my art! I had this cool idea to broadcast myself drawing an illustration from red pencil sketch to inked. It's a great way to motivate myself to get more personal work out there! Besides, I have no choice but to draw.. since I'm looking out for a new jobby. Yes, that's right.. I think I'm ready for the next new step in my life, where I am more challenged to illustrate and model bigger and better things... instead of the kiddy stuff..

With that here's a preview of a new illustration I'm working on..! :)

Sorry the quality ain't amaaazing. I took it with my phone. Speaking of phones...... I CANT WAIT TO GET MY IPHONE 4 IN THE MAIL SOON! :D WHOO!

I also just joined Tumblr. I use it to express whatevaaa. Since I didn't wanna post up random links and youtube vids on my art blog. It's also just easier to post random stuff there.


  • Edit Pixar photos
  • Update my website with new artwork
  • Concept S’s Bellydancer Assassin character and lock in pose and final illustration for painting
  • Paint Bellydancer character
  • Orthographics for BDA character
  • 3D Model and texture BDA character
  • Update My website again!
  • Brainstorm intro/outro for upcoming vlogs on YouTube page
  • Create into/ outro for vlogs
  • Get windows/bootcamp and zbrush for laptop
  • Create my own tshirt line and skateboard line through Zazzle or Threadless
  • Get someone to make a purchasing system on my website so I can custom paint or make things for people
  • Start documenting and creating drawing vids like Nate Van Dyke’s vid
  • Paint up some Munny’s
  • Remodel TJ + texture
  • Model Skweek + texture
  • Concept and Model some monsters + texture
  • Learn to rig
  • Finish concept car I never finished
  • Brainstorm ideas for zbrush practicing
  • Moar oil painting!
  • Start a script for TJ & Skweek Web comic
  • Start a TJ & Skweek Web comic

Doom! Doom! Doom!... The End!-- Gir (Invader Zim)

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