Monday, February 21, 2011

Moar Fiverr Commisshe's

So i had a cool opportunity to sketch for the amazing Jenny. She wanted the image to use in her blog which you should read btw because shes awesome. It's pretty inspiring. She's on a journey to travel and live life to the fullest.

And this was for someone who wanted a wolf with an Indian Headdress. I actually liked drawings this one. I don't get to draw animals much. I'm usually drawings humans so it feels good for a change. Oh and I love wolves! I got into wolves when I was doing research for my bf's helmet because they are just gorgeous. I enjoyed drawing them too. I've always loved dogs that resemble wolves, like Huskies or German Shepherds, or Alaskan Kleeklu (sp?). Love Love Love! I especially love Shiba Inu's because they look like a mix between a wolf and a fox :)

So anyhoo I liked drawing this one:

So many more drawings to go!! -__-"

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Samuel Carlson said...

Rehana, Love the art! I'm a fellow freelance artist, you can check my stuff out on instagram @samcarlsonart. But you say you did these comissions on fiverr? I love love love that website as a freelance artist, but not for the reasons you are using it for I don't think. I'm not selling my artwork on fiverr, but use a printer called smugmug that ships and prints paintings for me and I can set pricelists and whatnot via their site. I'm getting off topic, back to fiverr! I've been using it to buy gigs for things that I personally spend a lot of time on and if somebody else can do it, then why wouldn't I pay them $5 to say, hand out flyers for my art show. Previously a task that would take me a couple hours to do. Now I can spend those 2 hours painting instead and potentially have a painting that I can sell for a few hundred dollars at a craft fair instead!! So by spending the 5 dollars to have them put up flyers instead, I saved myself time and money! I wrote up a small guide that goes over how fiverr helped me expand my freelance business and keep more time to paint.

Keep up the good work!!! >_<