Monday, February 28, 2011

Motorcycle Helmet Project

I wanted to share what I've been, will be working on as an ongoing project with my bf. After painting his helmet up with sharpies we had a few people interested in me doing helmets for them. One of his buddies donated a helmet to us to paint and mess around with so I guess ill be posting the progress here! I'll be making a seperate website dedicated to this that will show these images as well so customers can see some of the process. My bf's friend Rudy really likes zombies so we came up with this concept.

Here I drew up thumbnail sketches for composition purposes. After a few ideas and fixes going back and forth with the bf....

I painted a quick sketched concept of the helmet in different views to get a better feel for what it would look like to make the drawing/ painting process easier. And a better way for my bf to visualize so he can approve etc.

Stay tuned for more progress! Ill be taking photos of the process as I go for my site but ill post them here too :P



sharadlife said...

nice work..

Rehana Khan said...

Thank you!