Friday, April 29, 2011

The start of a new obsession.....


(see below!)

My coworker Steph introduced us into the world of felting and its the coolest little thing! She suggested I order from Woolbuddy for a starter/practice kit. So i cut the wool in half so i could make 2 instead of just one and I loved every min of it! I was sleepy as heck but I couldn't put the needle down! I plan on doing more since it is kinda therapeutic after those long days working.

Eventually I'd love to make my characters and sell them on my Etsy (which is empty right now lol). And if u know me i have a love for cute things so it will be a cool way to channel any cute art style in me through felties!... Since i wanna stay away from cute in my illustrations. (personal pref)

So yeah sharing with the world how awesome felting is!!!

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