Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun links

So i just installed "stumble!" to my Firefox browser and its just about the coolest thing i've seen! It uses my preferences and by clicking stumble it gives u random websites based on your interests! here are a few that I found to be really really cool and interesting!

You do a little scribble on the screen and after you're done with the drawing.. you hit the start scribbler button and the computer does their version of your scribble!

Flash based, its creepy but kinda cool. For your own entertainment :)

Cool site where u can sketch something and select swap.. and you recieve a sketch that someone else has made :)

I really liked this one! I could play with this for a looonng time! You'd have to check it out urself!

Well those are all i have for now! Ill post more when i find 'em!

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