Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome to "Dead" 'Cenada

Mwahahaha! jk... O_O

I finished the zombie concept. I added just a little more from before.. <_<.... >_>...

Check it out!

So It took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the background. Luckily I have a pretty creative bf and he gave me the suggestion for the background and I ran with it. Backgrounds and environments aren't my strong suite but I've come a long way from barely doing background images :P This was a fun piece to do to loosen me and my arm up on somewhat speedpainting. Hope people likey! And if you do.. and you're in SF... come to APE and buy a print! ;) (you see what I did there)


Shaun Ward said...

Love the detail!

Rehana Khan said...