Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Bellydancer Update

So I forgot to post this up a while ago, I'm actually still working on this and trying to color it up. For APE some friends suggested I keep it black and white, or give it a sepia tone, but i really wanna see this colored! O_O But i'll post what it looks like overall... with sepia.

I think it's one of my most detailed pieces of concept I've done. Mostly I do cartoony things for work etc, but I like that this is different from my other stuff. I obviously put in a ton of time into it. So here it isss not colored :). I'll post another update when it's fully colored and then you can tell me which you like best :P


Euterpe said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Incredible detail!

Rehana Khan said...

Thank you!!! :D I really appreciate it!