Sunday, June 28, 2009

Comic/ Graphic Novel time!!

Ok. I'm gonna do it. I'm going to do a comic book/ graphic novel and show it off to APE Con. I wish it was as easy as i just made it sound haha. But really. I'm gonna DO IT! I'm writing out a script and storyline for a story i came up a while ago with my characters TJ and Skweek.

I'm gonna do this! Honestly tho, i don't know where to start. Like i know the process but i want ppl to look at it or read it or like it. It's not like i have a fan base. I'll just be coming out of nowhere and handing random publishers and saying here look at this!

I once was gonna work with my friend Eric on a web comic idea that he had that i hella liked called Plastic Sword Heroes. It was Genious! This was when i was working at Seattles Best Coffee but school got in the way then i had to start work and then i met my bf and i always have some family thing to do so everything.. basically life, got in the way!! I'm dedicated to make this work this time. And I can always pick up where i left off with Eric's idea :P Eric if you read this we should collab sometime :)

So for those who dont know what TJ & Skweek is about... It's about a kid (TJ) who has a stuffed animal monkey (Skweek) and they're adventures in fighting the monsters under his bed and closet. I don't see it as being a kiddy comic. I actually see it as dark . While TJ and Skweek have their adventures discovering the world underneath his bed and inside his closet, there's something evil brewing. An evil monster decides to go against the rules with human contact for his own evil purposes. To take over both monster and human world. Of course there's more but you'll just have to check it out for yourselves!

I wanted this to be geared towards both adults and kids.

I'll be doing revised sketches of TJ and Skweek and post them up very soon. More concepting, more monster sketches (which should be uber fun)! It would be a great chance for me to practice my environment concepting skills (which i have very little of :P)

You can check out old and newer concepts of TJ and skweek that i've had. Of course ill be re-drawing a lot of this stuff!It's been a while. (

Ill post some sketches real soon!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rehana,

Anytime you want to Collab, I am more than down. I have a massive amount of free time since I am out of both work and school. So hit me up any time you would like.