Monday, June 01, 2009

Pin Up Girl painting 2 + doodle

Here is an update on the painting i was working on. I was finally able to upload the better quality pix off my camera!

It's still being worked on.. im trying to do little by little any chance i can get. Im happy with how the drawing came out.. i just hope the painting looks good too! It looks better in person than in pictures :P I didnt have great lighting. I also have a habit of taking progress pictures with my schtuff ;)

The assignment was to use a color and its compliment. 2 colors and its compliment was an option but they would have to be next to each other on the color wheel. For example.. i chose yellow and its compliment violet, and yellow-orange and its compliment blue-violet. I can also use black and white to mix with.

So thats that.. ill post up the updates as i go :)

I also did this quick doodle at work. My bf said the funniest random thing to me and it sparked a drawing :) too cuuute!!

It makes me happeh! :D

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